Everyday Fit (UE CSX) vs. Pro Fit (UE PRO)


Ultimate Ears earphones offer exclusive technology and handcrafted design so you can experience music like you’ve never heard it before. Created from impressions of each ear, every pair is built specifically to match your individual ear print and meet your singular needs. The CSX and Pro in-ear monitors offer distinct fits while delivering equally in sophistication and sound.



For the CSX series, the at-home Fitkit uses patented gel-filled molding tips to create impressions. They are designed to enter as far as the first bend of the ear and to fully express your overall shape. Initially soft, they are positioned into the ear with specific instructions on how to achieve the best fit. As they warm up, they conform to the measurements of the outer ear and reflect your unique path into the first bend. While having less bumps and ridges, the resulting molds are completely formed to the particular contours of your ears.


Fitkit impressions are used to build custom earphones designed for extended use and to fit precisely into your ear to masterfully seal out external sound. Based on this slightly shallower impression, CSX series earphones have a rounder faceplate and earbuds that fit snugly into the first bend of the ear. By not entering as deeply into the ear, this allows for effortless entry and removal as you move throughout your day. In-ear monitors from the CSX series are characterized by their long-term comfort and the ability to take them in and out easily. This ease of use makes them the essential choice for wear throughout the day.




Medical grade audiologist impressions or 3D scans are used as the starting guide for UE PRO professional in-ear monitors. The molds reflect the ear shape which begins in the visible outer ear and moves inward. The depth culminates in a narrow tip that reveals the entry into the ear canal, just beyond the second bend. There are curves, bumps and ridges that all underscore just how hyper specific these impressions are.



The depth and detail of audiologist impressions are used to craft in-ear monitors with the locked in fit that is signature to the Pro series and is essential for stage use. Earphones from the Pro series have a distinct shape with a slightly thinner and longer outer faceplate and earbuds that hook more deeply into the ear canal. Extending further into the ear requires that they be carefully worked in and out at the start and end of each use. This is all to ensure that a moving professional will keep these earphones tightly in place whether performing or working offstage. The Pro series is defined by its deep and precise fit to achieve total noise isolation and a super secure placement into the ear.



The decision between earphones from the Pro or CSX series should be made based on your primary use. Musicians, performers and audio professionals need in-ear monitors that support the specific movement and sound of their professional context and require a fit that prioritizes depth and security. The special design of the CSX series uses the same exceptional technology as the Pro series but extends access to non-professionals who want extraordinary professional sound and total comfort that supports everyday use.

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