How to Clean Your UE Pro

Wax build up happens to all of us and cleaning your in-ear monitors is an easy process that you can do quick at home or on the road. A quick clean after each use goes a long way to avoid potentially damaging build up that can affect the sound/balance of your monitors, much less chance you’ll have to send your UE PRO’s in for servicing.


Here are a few tips for cleaning your ears after every use:

  • First rub down your in ears with wipes (Custom IEM Wipes can be purchased by calling us at 800-589-6531 or visiting Be sure to cover the ear canals so no liquid gets in. 
  • Carefully use the wax cleaning tool to remove debris. If you do not have your cleaning tool a dry tooth brush will work as well. Do Not use water while cleaning your ears.
  • When cleaning the canal, hold the IEM with the opening at the bottom so that wax particles fall out and away (downward from the monitor) instead of into the device.  
  • Use a dry toothbrush to scrub the outside of your monitors.
  • After using the IEMs, wipe them dry real quick before you put them away. Sweat and earwax are slightly acidic soit’s great to not trap that in the case with the IEMs between each use.


After cleaning your in-ears if you feel like you still haven’t gotten the job done, UE offers a deep cleaning service for $99.

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