Audio Quality Trouble Shooting

If you are experiencing intermittent sound los and/or loss of audio in the bass frequencies, please use our step-by-step Troubleshooting Guide to Resolve the Issue.

Check for a build-up of debris


1. Remove debris:

To clean debris, hold each monitor down separately one at a time, with the sound canal facing downward, use the cleaning tool to remove the debris.

2. Clean earpiece

Use a tech wipe or non-alcoholic baby wipe to clean the outer housing.

3. Test it

Plug in to a music source and test to see if both monitors are working.

Check for a faulty cable

1. Detach bad cable

Detach the cable from your custom earphones. Note: When detaching the cable, grab the socket close to the earphone to pull out. If you have no sound out of either monitor, please contact support.

2. Switch cables

Switch cable connections and re-attach. Note: Make sure the left and right indicators are facing the part of the earphone that enters your ear.

3. Plug cable in & test

Plug your custom earphones into a music source to test the sound. If you now have no sound in the monitor that was working before, you have a bad cable. Please contact support for a replacement.

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