Is a visit to an audiologist required?

Ultimate Ears In-ear monitors are made to custom fit your ears. The interior measurements of your ear canal are needed in order to construct our product and to adhere to the highest quality and sound fidelity. Luckily once you make the decision to purchase your set of Ultimate Ear Pros, you have some options on how to get fit.

We do recommend getting either and audiologist impressions use these on stage. Or you can also have 3-D scan made by a certified E-Fit scanner, which you can find at some of our authorized dealers.

Can't find a dealer in your area, and can't make it to an audiologist? Not to worry, you can also get a FitKit shipped to you, if you are within the US, just select send me a FitKit at checkout. Learn more about the difference between a FitKit and Audiologist impressions here.

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