Trouble Shooting Low Output

Yes, you absolutely can trouble shoot this yourself, most of the time.

First thing you should know, low output is a myth. Drivers don’t go bad; this is almost always a symptom of clogged canals due to ear wax build up. Remember that wax does not need to coat the actual drivers to affect the sound. Once it fouls the dampers in the sound tubes, the sound signature will change and there will be lower output. Having the acoustic dampers in place helps to both shape the sound curves and to prevent earwax travelling further up the acoustic pathway and reaching the drivers which would cause irreversible damage.

Another issue could be that your transmitter doesn’t provide the correct output impedance. If you recently made a change to your gear or adjusted anything in the signal chain, this could be a factor. But if all things have remained constant then you know it’s a wax issue. Speaking of output impedance and getting the most out of your in-ears, take a look at our SoundGuard. It acts as an impedance transformer so that you’re guaranteed the ideal sound signature no matter what you use to drive your IEMs.


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