General FAQs

Are they Bluetooth?

Your Ultimate Ears CSX will ship with both a Bluetooth cable, as well as a wired cable. Bothe cables come equipped with an inline remote and mic, so that you can answer calls and control your music. 

What is the Return Policy?

You have 30 days from the date you receive your final pair of earphones to return them for a full refund. 

Can I use my old impressions?

Your ear is constantly changing in shape. We hold impressions in our system for up to 5 years, once your impressions are over 5 years old, you will need to get refit. If you have impressions that meet our requirements and are under 5 years old, we can use them to create your earphones. 

Earphones mades with audiologist impressions will provide you with a Pro fit. 

Is CSX available outside of the US?

CSX and the FitKit are currently only available inside of the US. 

Are they noise canceling?

Ultimate Ears Customs have passive noise isolation, which means that they passively cancel out the outside noise. In the world of noise cancellation earphones, they can either actively or passively cancel out your surroundings.

Many over the ear headphones have an electrical feature you turn on to cancel out noise. In our case, however, passive noise isolation is acquired by creating a perfect seal with our in-ear molding tips. Our custom fit provides a secure, snug fit to isolate outside noise, and the better the seal, the more noise it can block out. This type of fit also helps prevent people around you from hearing your music.

Can I use Bluetooth on my existing earphones?

Our Bluetooth cable uses an IPX connection. If your earphones where built before August 2018 you will need to upgrade the connection on your earphones. 

This new system, co-created with Estron, provides a lightweight, IP67 certified sweat-proof, durable connection between cable and connector, allowing for easy swapping between different cable types.

The cost for the upgrade is $200. The cables are $100 each. 

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  • I have an iPhone 11 and the jack at the end of the cable will not work with my iPhone!!! Different shape!

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