The difference between a Fitkit impression & Audiologist Impression

Every person has ears that are individually unique. And just like a fingerprint, each of your ears are completely distinct in shape, depth and size. Ultimate Ears earphones provide a fit customized to your individual ears’ geometry, which results in  unparalleled sound quality, fit and comfort. To create this specialized fit, a set of ear impressions is used to craft your unique ear molds, which results in a set of custom earphones that will provide an exclusive auditory experience designed for your ears alone.

The traditional approach for making impressions requires a visit to the audiologist and this still remains the primary approach for professional stage musicians. For non-professionals, the Custom series has streamlined the process by introducing a Fitkit which allows you to create thorough impressions that capture the inner landscape of your ear without the trip to the audiologist.

This guide helps to distinguish which kind of impressions will work best for your needs and what each process entails.

Audiologist Impressions

What are they?
Highly detailed, medical grade impressions that reach the second bend of the ear canal to provide a ‘locked in’ fit.

Who needs them?
Professionals such as musicians, performers, speakers, sound engineers and technicians, or anyone working on or around a stage.

Where do you get them?
At the office of an audiologist.

How are they made? Or What is the Process?
Make an appointment and visit an audiologist. Once there, a large syringe is filled with silicone and carefully inserted into your ear. It is typically cool and gooey until it settles into place. After several minutes, the audiologist checks to ensure the silicone has hardened and prepares to remove each impression. They are carefully spun out of your ears, which can be temporarily uncomfortable, but leave you  with a pair of deep ear impressions that capture every detail of each of your individual ears. The impressions are sent to Ultimate Ears to begin building your specially tailored earphones.

Why choose audiologist impressions?
You are a professional using in ear monitors as a specialized piece of equipment that is critical to your craft.

Fitkit Impressions

What are they?
Impressions that capture your unique earprint, but go only into the first bend of the ear for an easy-in, easy-out fit.

Who needs them?
Music lovers, audiophiles, travelers or anyone looking for a premium acoustic experience that goes where they go.

Where do you get them?
Wherever you like! The convenient Fitkit captures your earprint at home, in the office or wherever you can find an electrical outlet and use your mobile phone.

How are they made? Or What is the Process?
The Fitkit is sent to your home  and creates impressions in a matter of minutes. The box contains molding tips in two sizes, a mirror, a fitting device, a power adapter and a return shipping label. After downloading the required app to your phone, step-by-step instructions guide you through choosing the correct molding tip  size, using the fitting device and connecting your phone. Next, after inserting the tips in your ears, the app triggers the impression process and the molding tips begin to warm up. The molds comfortably change shape and begin to harden as they capture your ear geometry. After 60 seconds, you are prompted to remove them and your impressions are complete. Taking them in and out should be painless.

Impressions are sent back using the included shipping label for Ultimate Ears to begin building your custom-fit earphones.

Why choose Fitkit impressions?
You want accessibility to pro quality sound and  a custom fit that is comfortable for extended periods and everyday use.

What’s the bottom line?
Professionals on stage need a deep and detailed impression to ensure a super secure fit during performances and should opt for audiologist impressions. For anyone using earphones off-stage for listening, traveling, exercising or longer-use periods, Fitkit impressions provide a secure, sound isolating fit that is easy to use and comfortable. If you’re still unsure about which fit is right for you, reach out to Ultimate Ears and a team member will happily answer any questions.

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