Connecting & Disconnecting Tips

Connecting & Disconnecting Tips

  1. Check the back of the molding tips and the front of the fitting device for the colors on each side. Red (right) goes with red, and blue (left) goes with blue.
  2. Simply click the prongs of the molding tips into the fitting device. Don’t worry about connecting them upside down, they won't clip on that way.

To disconnect the tips, simply hold the lower tip of the molding tip in one hand and the base of that side of the fitting device in the other hand and pull apart. Note: Be gentle if removing un-molded tips, as the molding gel is still soft.





Can I remold the tips?

Your tips should mold completely during the warming process and will not remold once they’ve been hardened. Going through the customization process a second time will neither damage or change your already molded tips.  


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