Selecting and Fitting Molding Tips

Your FitKit comes with two sets of molding tips (small & large). Make sure to download the app (Android / iOS) to go through the fitting process. If you’re having trouble finding the right tip size(s), we’ve got you covered! Below you will find everything you need to know about putting on and selecting the tip size(s) right for you.



When selecting your tip size we recommend trying both sizes in each ear to find the best fit. We also recommend pulling your hair back while going through the selection process to prevent any interference.


Did you know the shape of your ear is more unique than your fingerprints? Don't be surprised if each ear may differ in size and preference, it’s not uncommon to have one side that’s a small and the other a large.


***Important: Only connect the molding tips to the fitting device once they are ready to be customized. Already did? Don't panic! You can still remove them, just be gentle as the molding gel is still soft, making them more difficult to remove. Instructions on how to properly remove your tips can be found here.


To properly place molding tips in your ears, begin by holding the tip between your thumb and pointer finger, making sure the lower tip is resting on your thumb.



Rotate the tip so that the top of the upper tip is facing towards the front of your head, and carefully insert the canal into your ear. Gently wiggling the tip as you place the lower tip, in your canal, will help it go in all the way.




Now that you have the lower tip in, use your free hand to gently pull up on the top of your ear, as you rotate the tip towards the back of your head. Once you have rotated the tip into place, gently push down on the upper tip, until it is securely tucked under the arch in your ear.

Pro tip: Gently pull the top of your ear up to provide extra space for the wing to slide into place.



How do I know what the correct fit should feel like?

The correctly sized tip for your ear should feel snug and secure in the ear. There should be gentle pressure throughout your entire ear, as well as in your ear canal. It may feel odd, but don't worry, that's normal! What you don't want is to feel immediate sharp painful pressure. You also don't want to feel like your tips will fall out of your ear.

Too large: If the wing doesn't fit under the arch in your ear, or the wing/canal is causing sharp excessive pain in your ear, try the next size down.

Too small: If you feel air leaking in, or the tip doesn't feel secure in your ear, try the next size up.

It is better to go with a tighter fit as this is something our technicians can adjust for with the help of the images and notes you provide through the UE FitKit app. If you find that both tips are way too large for your ears, don’t fret! You can reach out to -- our support team would love to assist you on your journey to a perfect fit. We have created extra small tips for this exact reason.  

Once you have selected the correct tip size(s) for your ears, the FitKit app will guide you through the molding process.



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